Humans have to flee due to persecution and conflicts, leaving their home, their family and friends - loosing everything in their life. They are on a journey to find freedom. This is the fate of refugees. Everyone of them has a story to tell.


Clement grew up in Benin-City, Nigeria. He was living a wonderful, a good life with his family, his father and his mother. Soon the crisis began. Innocent people were murdered by terrorists. Horrible things happened. Clement was not safe anymore, he fleed from Benin-City, his home.


Benjamin grew up in the northern part of Nigeria, Africa. He left his family to live in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. Benjamin had the dream that one day he will join the Armed Forces of Nigeria to fight corruption and crime to save his father’s land. Soon his dream became a horrible nightmare.


We are millions of refugees. Do you share our fate? Your story as a refugee is worth telling it. We will give you the chance to tell your story - your life, your destiny. Tell us your life and your dreams, we make them visible. You are one in million.